CCELL Rizo 510 Vape Pen Battery
Rizo | Dual Temp Palm-Fitting Battery
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Black CCELL Rizo Vape Battery

Rizo | Dual Temp Palm-Fitting Battery

Sale price$29.99
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  • Dual-heat slide switch (2.8V/3.3V)
  • 3-bar battery status LED indicators
  • Drop-in magnetic connection
  • Haptic feedback
  • Inhale activated
  • Powerful 300mAh rechargeable battery
  • Compatible with 510 cartridges up to 11mm diameter

Superior, Inside and Out.
Rizo is a real game changer for 510 thread batteries.

Featuring a premium full-metallic casing, this palm-fitting battery was designed to not only look good, but also spice up your vaping experience. Featured in its tiny body are a 3-bar battery status LED and a no-nonsense slide switch that allows you to quickly shift between your preferred heating temperature. The inhalation sensation is further amplified with the gentle haptic feedback during every pull, making every inhalation come to life.

Flavor and Potency at the Flick of a Switch
Rizo features two different heat settings that provide optimal experiences for any preference, whether low or high temperature. Changing the temp is as simple as shifting the intuitive slide switch at the bottom of the battery!

To enjoy truer-to-taste flavors for high terpene extracts such as live resins or rosins, switch to the Flavor setting (L). Just can’t get enough? Potency setting (H) creates larger clouds and allows for maximum potency while still avoiding burnt flavors, perfect for those who appreciate stronger hits.*
*For optimal vaping experience, we recommend pairing with CCELL cartridges.

Easy Charging, Easy Access
Rizo is compatible with the latest and most powerful charging option, USB-C, bringing more convenience and allowing for a quick charge for less wait to use your battery again.

Details for Days
Rizo was thoughtfully designed and includes a silicone-covered compartment within its sleek, full-metal body. The silicone cover provides protection against dust or water reaching the USB-C charging port and the heat adjustment slide switch, preventing damage and prolonging the lifespan of the battery.

The gentle haptic vibration and LED light also provide physical feedback when inhaling, amplifying your sensory experience when using the battery.

Stay in the Know
Worry no more about the status of your battery’s charge. Rizo includes 3-bar LED status indicators, allowing you to quickly gauge your battery status by simply dropping your cartridge* into the battery slot.
*Requires prior connection with magnetic connectors


In The Box

Rizo in the box